Bonus MP3 and Gig Alert: Hear "Haunted" by The Cliks and See 'em at The Cavern Tonight.

Canada's The Cliks has been through quite a few changes in the band's relatively brief six-year existence. Lucas Silveira, one of rock's few transgendered frontpersons, has twice broken up the band, once in 2005 and again in 2009. Silveira is a perfectionist who admits to being difficult to work with.

All of which leads to The Cliks' resurrection late last year. After gaining a nice fan base along with critical kudos for the band's Snakehouse and Dirty King releases, Silveira realized that shutting down the band wasn't the greatest career move.

Hence? An entirely new set of backing musicians for Cliks's third run. But whomever Silveira chooses to work with, the results are usually dynamic. And to prove my point, the band was kind enough to allow DC9 to share a free MP3 of "Haunted," the opening cut from Dirty King. Give it a listen and download after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

The Cliks -- "Haunted"

The Cliks -- "Haunted"

It should be a scene tonight at The Cavern when The Cliks Headline a fine bill with Killola and Hunter Valentine.

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