Bonus MP3: AnonymousCulture -- "Summertime"

Pleasant Grove rapper AnonymousCulture is on the verge of staging an Intervention on the music world.

This will be a little different than a real-life intervention, though. In a real intervention, you think you're about to have a party, only to have a bunch of friends and relatives bitch at you about all the things you're doing wrong. In the case of AnonymousCulture's debut album, at least judging by the handful of tracks he sent along last week, you'll get the party--without the bitching.

"I was looking at the [A&E] TV show Intervention, and they always show people all the things they're doing wrong," he says. "I think we do need an intervention, but on my album I'm doing it without talking about the bad music. I'm going straight into what things should be like."

Featuring beats from frequent collaborator LehtMoJoe, plus a couple from other producers, including Xavier Marquis and King Blue (of Sore Losers fame), the full album will be ready February 20, AnonymousCulture says, available as a free download or for $5 in hand-to-hand sales.

But you can get an early taste, as AnonymousCulture [who recently added a word to his previous handle, Anonymous????] is sharing the King Blue-produced "Summertime" with DC9 readers. You'll find it after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

AnonymousCulture -- "Summertime"

Summer can't get here soon enough, right? With an overarching "year in the life" theme, the album has three other seasonally titled songs as well. If they're even half as addictive as this horn-spiked track, an intervention is certainly in order.

As for when you can catch him live and pick up a copy, he's talking with Poor Vida and Vigilante about shows but doesn't have anything local solidified yet. And he says he will share a SXSW set with LehtMoJoe in March, though details of that show have yet to be finalized.

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