Bonus MP3: Binary Sunrise -- "Five Minutes"

In last week's dead tree version of DC9, I chatted up Polyphonic Spree leader Tim DeLaughter about the resurgence of his Good Records Recordings label, which, after a three-year absence in terms of releases, is returning to the market in a big way with upcoming releases scheduled from the Spree, Texarkana's Pilotdrift and, more than likely, a solo release from DeLaughter as well.

But launching it all? The debut release from Binary Sunrise, the oddball pop project spearheaded by Kenneth Kemp. The self-titled release, which is available for sale at, go figure, Good Records as both a CD a a CD+LP combo purchase, boasts a wide array of influences--from The Cure to Neutral Milk Hotel to The Modern Lovers and everything in between--which, on its own, makes it a compelling listen. But beyond that, there's the second track on the disc, a song called "Five Minutes," which, aside from boasting one of the catchiest bass lines we've heard all year, we've also already called one of our favorite songs of the year.

We're not alone on that front, as DeLaughter shared in last week's piece, while speaking on the same song:

"[My wife Julie and I] just kept sitting with [the song] and sitting with it and listening to it all the time," DeLaughter says. "So we said, 'Let's help this guy and put it out, 'cause, otherwise, it's just sitting here with us.'"

Now it can sit with you, actually. For the next week, the folks at Good have exclusively offered DC9 readers the chance to download "Five Minutes" for free. After the jump, you can go ahead and do so...

Bonus mp3: Binary Sunrise -- "Five Minutes"

Good luck getting that bass line--or the "Everything's OK, everything's fiiiiiiine!" refrain--out of your head. Might as well warn you: It's a losing battle...

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.