Bonus MP3: Boys Named Sue -- "Light Beers Away"

Tonight, the rabscallions known 'round town as the Boys Named Sue will stop on by Sons of Hermann Hall--with The King Bucks in tow--to host a CD release party in celebration of the Sues' latest release, The Hits, Vol. Sue!

The new disc, released on Idol Records, is classic Sues--which is to say, it's good-time party music. Which is to say, it's a collection of drinking tunes. Which bodes well for tonight's event, I'd think, which kicks off at 8 p.m.

After the jump, a free mp3 from the Sues to whet your appetite for both tonight's show and the new disc. In the coming weeks, expect a review in the print product, but for now, jump with us and check out the second track on the new album, "Light Beers Away."

Bonus mp3:

Boys Named Sue -- "Light Beers Away"

Might sound goofy on the first few listens--gotta figure the band was going for theat with the whole deep-voiced chorus that immediately sets the tone for the song at its start--but, incredibly catchy two. Give the song two listens and you'll be humming it for two hours.

Basically: Don't say I didn't warn you.

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