Bonus MP3: Fate Lions -- "Astronaut"

Local combo Fate Lions has been around since 2007 in various incarnations, evolving from a rather pedestrian alt-country outfit to far more pleasing new wave/pop unit.

Led by songwriter and front man Jason Manriquez, the band has solidified enough to record a full-length debut, Good Enough For You, which hits the streets this week. Martinez was kind enough to send over the album's first single, "Astronaut," for DC9 readers' listening pleasure.

Very retro '80s jingle jangle pop, if you ask me. Manriquez claims the song is inspired by Roky Erickson, but there's little evidence of Erickson's legendary wackiness to be found in the song's mellow grooves. Produced by Salim Nourallah (who also played bass -- when does the guy sleep?), Good Enough For You will certainly be ear candy for folks who dig REM, Matthew Sweet and the Bangles. Nice to know such thoughtful pop still has a place in the local scene.

Catch Fate Lions at the Ghost of Blind Lemon showcase on July 23rd at the Lakewood Bar & Grill and look for a review of the debut in an upcoming print edition of the Observer.

After the jump, give the track a listen.

Bonus mp3:

Fate Lions -- "Astronaut"

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