Bonus MP3: GalleryCat -- "Merry Ex-Mas"

Bonus MP3: GalleryCat -- "Merry Ex-Mas"

With all the leftover turkey finally gone, I guess it's about that time for some local musicians to get around to releasing their latest stabs at creating Christmas classics.

And it seems that longtime DC9 favorite GalleryCat is the first this year to think that he's up to the task -- although, in his defense, it turns out that he doesn't want anything for Christmas, really. He just wants his ex-girlfriend to finally start leaving him alone.

Or at least that's the subject matter surrounding his new song, "Merry Ex-Mas." Give it a listen and download after the jump.

Not too shabby. Easily among the top two local hip-hop Christmas songs in our book.

No. 1, though? That still belongs to Dorrough's "I Want Hood Christmas," which remains the funniest Christmas song we've ever heard.


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