Bonus MP3: Lori McKenna -- "You Get a Love Song"

Americana singer-songwriter Lori McKenna has come a long way since she began singing at open mics all around Boston back in the '90s. A really long way: For her 2005 effort, Fireflies, Faith Hill even covered four of McKenna's songs, including the title track. Since then, McKenna has toured with Tim McGraw and written with Mandy Moore.

But McKenna's hardly turned into a behind-the-scenes songwriter content to pen songs for other artists. Her most recent album, Lorraine, is a nice mix of real roots and slick, country ambition. Long gone are the days of stripped down folk found on 2004's Bittertown (still her best effort); McKenna now has bigger fish to fry, and the gal can still write a damn fine song.

Case in point: One of Lorraine's best cuts, the rather rocking "You Get A Love Song." And, seeing that McKenna is in town tonight performing at Uncle Calvin's Coffee House, she was kind enough to pass along that song as a free mp3 for the readers of DC9.

Check it out after the jump.

Bonus MP3:

Lori McKenna -- "You Get a Love Song"

Sounds like a bona fide country hit to me. If you like that at all, please run out and get a copy of Bittertown like right now. Maybe McKenna will have a few copies on her person when she performs tonight.

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