Bonus MP3: Moe Bandy -- "Deep in the Heart of Texas (DJ Fishr Pryce Edit)"

...and, to end the day today, how about a random treat from our friend DJ Fishr Pryce, just for kicks?

A few weeks back, Fishr, who currently DJs every Friday and Saturday night at Kenichi, told me about a quick edit he'd done to a song everyone 'round these parts is well familiar with, "Deep in the Heart of Texas," adding in a breakbeat so he could pop the track in during his hip-hop-fueled DJ nights around town. Since adding it into the rotation, he said, it'd regularly been among the biggest hits in his sets each night. And, surely, if we've learned anything over the years, it's that drunken clubgoers are generally a pretty trustworthy lot.

So we requested he pass it along. He did. And, now, we pass it along to you. Check it out after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Moe Bandy -- "Deep in the Heart of Texas (DJ Fishr Pryce Edit)"

Moe Bandy -- "Deep in the Heart of Texas (DJ Fishr Pryce Edit)"

If nothing else, the edit makes you wonder why a Texas-based hip-hop artist hasn't already tried using this sample. I mean, the immediate kitsch factor on this sucker is off the charts...

But, then again, I'm not from here. So, while I dig it, I could see how others might see this as "blasphemous" as Merritt Martin just called it. I think we're gonna need more feedback on this one...

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