Bonus MP3: Neon Indian -- "Children of the Revolution (T. Rex Cover)"

If his last Facebook and Twitter status updates are to be believed, then, at this very moment, Alan Palomo is holed up somewhere in Helsinki, working on a follow-up to Neon Indian's 2009 breakthrough debut, Psychic Chasms. And, furthermore, he's currently enjoying a radio silence, cutting himself off from the Internet as he toils away on what we can only assume is the collection of synths with which he's shacking up

Exciting stuff for Neon Indian fans, sure, but this news also begs a few questions.

First and foremost: A new Neon Indian record? What the crap? We're still waiting on the loooooooong-anticipated VEGA debut from Palomo and Co. (and, quite possibly, Chromeo, too). Where's that?


Second: If Palomo's in Helsinki and not online these days, then how come pretty much everyone on the Internet was busy yesterday posting a new cover song from Palomo? Sometimes, it's best not to question these things. The track, at least somewhat in anticipation of the upcoming February reissue from Fat Possum of T. Rex's 1973 album Tanx, finds Palomo offering an update to T. Rex's pretty amazing "Children of the Revolution." And, yeah, although pretty much everyone else posted it yesterday while we were musing on our favorite shows and videos of the year, the song's still worth the listen and download. So go do both of those things after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Neon Indian -- "Children of the Revolution (T. Rex Cover)"

Neon Indian -- "Children of the Revolution (T. Rex Cover)"

A little darker than much of Psychic Chasms, aside from maybe the rousing "Ephemeral Artery." So, kinda of a deviation from the norm for Palomo. Still great, though, as if you're surprised.

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