Bonus MP3: PlayRadioPlay! -- "Concerning Philip Garrido"

Back in March, when PlayRadioPlay!, aka Aledo's own Daniel Hunter, posted some new demos to his MySpace page shortly after telling Absolute Punk readers that his sound was in for a major change in the future, we went on record saying that we were pretty stoked to see what else he'd come up with.

Well, yesterday, Hunter posted his newest song as a free download online. And, while we knew his knew songs would be different, we weren't expecting this--a dark, brooding, indie rock anthem that, beyond simply signaling a change of pace for Hunter, also, uh, manages to be pretty goddamn topical?

Says Hunter in a MySpace blog post concerning the song: "Tuesday of this week, I started working on a little tune for a friend of mine, and also to test out the new version of Logic Studio's guitar modeling. I ended up spending more time on the song than I had initially planned, probably because Logic's new guitar amps are darn good, especially for demoing songs quickly. The next day, I turned on the news and heard about a story that I'm sure you're all aware of."

Stream and download the track after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

PlayRadioPlay! -- "Concerning Philip Garrido"

PlayRadioPlay! -- "Concerning Philip Garrido"

It's a far cry from Texas, that's for sure.

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