Bonus MP3: Smiling at the Ceiling -- "Nostalgia Company"

Smiling at the Ceiling just might be the best kept secret to emerge from the plenteous Denton jazz scene. And while they can't quite be called a supergroup, per se, it's still safe to say the group's members are still probably best known for their other projects.

Formed in 2007 as Dr. Mobutu, the group has gone through several incarnations before settling on the current lineup of Rocky Ottley and Mike Hodges of the jazz-funk Backside Pick on lead guitar and drums respectively, Nick Earl of experimental fusion act Hatch on additional lead guitar, Ryan Hagler of the Grammy-nominated One O'Clock Lab Band on bass, and co-lead vocalists Colin Currans-Shehan and Peopleodian's Ally Hoffman splitting the vocal duties.

Now setting out to make a name of its own, Smiling at the Ceiling are attempting to embrace their indie-rock alter egos with their newly released self-titled EP. And, only fitting for a group with co-lead singers and co-lead guitarists, the disc was co-produced by the top-notch team of Dallas' Salim Nourallah and Rip Rowen, who the band also cites as a major influence in shaping their sound.
But the group doesn't completely leave its deep jazz know-how by the wayside on the new EP either. After the jump, check out the breezy lead guitar licks on the album's single "Nostalgia Company." The laid back groove and sunny feel make it a perfect release for the summer, and the group has been kind enough to share the track with DC9 readers.


Bonus mp3:

Smiling at the Ceiling -- "Nostalgia Company"

Smiling at the Ceiling -- "Nostalgia Company"

That lead guitar just oozes with wistfulness for the smooth stylings of, say, a late '70s  George Benson. The Smiling at the Ceiling EP was released on May 9, and will be supported by a short tour of the Southeast late this summer, which will also see them playing a handful of local gigs as well.

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Cory Graves