Bonus MP3: The Burning Hotels -- "Austin's Birthday"

In this week's paper, Mark Schectman takes a listen to The Burning Hotels' sophomore effort, Novels. And he likes what he hears. Writes the man:

There can never be enough catchy pop-punk songs about relationships sung by guys in tight pants. Continue reading...

He writes other things, too--that too many of the songs sound alike, but that, overall, the disc makes for a "simple enjoyment"--but, hey, give the man credit for a nice lead, right?

And give the band some credit, too. Sure, most of its songs sound very much like the same song. But here's the deal: It's a really good song. Anyway, hear Novels' lead single, "Austin's Birthday" after the jump. Feel free to download the song, too, as the band's been kind enough to offer it up as a free taste for DC9 readers.

Bonus mp3:

The Burning Hotels -- "Austin's Birthday"

Maybe you remember the video the band released for the song back in August? Yeah? No? Whatever: Watch it here. And catch the band at The Moon in Fort Worth on Friday, April 30, as it celebrates the release of the new disc.

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