Bonus MP3: The Me-Thinks -- "Permanent Krokus"

I was quite impressed with The Me-Thinks' Make Mine A Double EP, as you can read in this week's birdcage-liner version of DC9. One of the songs I mention is "Permanent Krokus," which I think really captures the band's ability to write catchy, rockin' riffs as well as its refusal to take itself too seriously.

Bonus mp3:

The Me-Thinks -- "Permanent Krokus"

The Me-Thinks -- "Permanent Krokus"

By the way, if you pick up the double-CD package, the artwork has the song order wrong. "Permanent Krokus" is actually Track 2, and "Partyboy (Drinks To Infinity)" is Track 3, rather than the other way around.

Hopefully the band will get it right next time, which will be soon. Writes singer Ray Liberio:

We are going into Echo Lab in 2 weeks to record a few songs that will be part of our "double split 7 inch" project. We plan to do 2 splits with 2 bands so we'd be on one side of both records. Ingeniously bet! That's the band in a nutshell. Goofballs till the end. We are uncertain when the double split 7's will come out but we start tracking in 2 weeks so hopefully by the summer. We're pretty sure we'll be splitting one with one of our drummer's other bands - One Fingered Fist and hopefully the other with Bastardos de Sancho but we haven't really talked heavily about it with the Bastardos yet.

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