Bonus MP3: The O's -- "California"

Last night's Sorta show was kinda something special. First off, the band sounded great--like really, really good. Seems the few rehearsals the band in recent weeks had paid off.

Best Sorta show I've ever seen, in fact. Which, I guess, isn't really saying that much, as this was the first time I'd seen them, but either way, I think you get the point.

What was kinda weird, though, was that Sorta didn't play last at the Pontiac Garage that night. Apparently, the band wanted to be able to hang at the bar with fans and friends after the show--or so I hear--and, as such, the final billing of the night fell the way of kinda-new country duo The O's (as in "The" and the fifteenth letter of the alphabet...not the Huxtable).

And here's the thing about The O's: Mixing a single bass drum, acoustic guitar, banjo and pedal steel guitar, the band pretty much wowed the people who stuck around. Regrettably, the band announced, they were without discs for sale last night--the EP discs that Merritt Martin praised in this week's paper, in fact. Still, it seemed everyone in the room already had Taylor Young and John Pedigo's disc. It was the talk of the room as the two played.

And it's not tough to hear why. Check out this free mp3 the group has provided DC9 and our fine readers...

Bonus mp3:

The O's -- "California"

Catch The O's all over town this weekend: The duo plays the Club Dada tonight with Menkena, another promising new-ish band working on new material, and then again tomorrow on the Katy Trail (?) and at AllGood Cafe. They promise to have EPs for sale at those gigs. --Pete Freedman

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.