Bonus MP3: The O's -- "Make A Wish (Sorta Cover)"

At this very moment, The O's are somewhere in Europe, touring around and soaking up the Old Country's adoration for all things American.

But, before heading across the Atlantic, as part of the band's whirlwind of promotion for their new album Between The Two, the twosome of Taylor Young and John Pedigo stopped on by Tomcast Studios to talk up their new album, joining the guys behind "The Local Yokel Show" podcast, who have been crudely podcastin' on local music goings-on since 2009. Oh, and The O's also performed a little bit during their appearance. You can listen to the whole podcast here. But, thanks to the folks at "The Local Yokel Show," you can skip right ahead, after the jump, to one of the podcast's highlights. There, we've posted a downloadable mp3 of The O's covering Sorta's "Make A Wish."

Interesting note: Sorta originally recorded this song in Tomcast Studios, as well, just before tragedy struck, forcing the band to dissolve.

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Bonus MP3:

The O's -- "Make A Wish (Sorta Cover)"

Mmmmm. Banjo.

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