Bonus MP3: The Secret Handshake -- "Every Single Time"

Two weeks ago, in the print edition of the Observer, I caught up with The Secret Handshake's Luis Dubuc in anticipation of his fourth full-length release--and by far his most ambitious.

The album, called Night & Day, finds Dubuc trying to shed his mall-punk tag. And it does so in a big way, with Dubuc taking his always-impressive pop sensibilities in a new, very Motown direction.

(And, yes, emphasis on "very": Dubuc's producer somehow managed to procure the legendary label's tape machine for the album's studio sessions.)

But while the new album represents a massive change in direction for the Dallas-based pop musician, it doesn't necessarily leave all of his old fans in the dust. Night & Day is still a pop record. And, like with his older output, this record is chock full of memorable hooks.

It's an impressive effort, no doubt.

But it's clear from recent conversations with Dubuc that the 25-year-old musician finds himself at a bit of a crossroads these days. He's not sure where to take his music next--and he's not wholly confident in making decisions that could leave his old fans confused. He's still quite active--he recently completed a month-long national Secret Handshake tour, and quickly followed that up by recording vocals on a new metal project called Of Legends--but he's even hinted that he's thought of giving up his pop efforts altogether.

Given his recent output, we tend to think that'd be a mistake.

You can make that call yourself, though. Dubuc's been kind enough to pass along a free mp3 of "Every Single Time," the lead-off track from Night & Day, for DC9 readers to download. Give the track a listen and a right-click after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

The Secret Handshake -- "Every Single Time"

The Secret Handshake -- "Every Single Time"

That's good stuff right there, folks.

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