Bonus MP3: The Virgin Wolves -- "Virtue and Vice"

A few months ago, we ran a piece that outlined the music boom happening in Frisco. Loads of bands were traveling to the North Dallas suburb to play at Lochrann's Irish Pub & Eatery.

But, still, we wondered if the city would yield any of its own acts.

In a pretty quick answer to our query, Frisco's first crop of new bands includes Datahowler, who we've mentioned more than a few times in this space, and also The Virgin Wolves, who, only three months ago, settled into their current line-up.

Before that, the Virgin Wolves worked for about a year to find their sound -- dirty, blues-based rock and roll -- and, in doing so, released a self-titled EP featuring the song "Virtue and Vice," which, courtesy of the band, you can download for free after the jump.

And though the music is new, these players certainly  aren't new to music. Lead singer Chase Robbins played with area hardcore band Memphis May Fire, and bassist Kristin Leigh had a solo pop act called The Kristin Leigh Project. Now, The Virgin Wolves are honing their sound with live performances all over North Texas. They'll be at La Grange in Deep Ellum on Saturday, February 19, and will celebrate the release of their next EP, Bad Blood, at 35 Conferette.

Bonus MP3:

The Virgin Wolves -- "Virtue and Vice"


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