Bonus MP3: Vulgar Fashion -- "Pact With The Devil"

Tonight's official release party for denton Deluxe Volume 5 (featuring Peopleodian, Kashioboy and Slack Beat) kicks off the first in a series of ongoing showcases put together by denton Deluxe's Chad Withers. Check out this week's North of the Dial for more on the compilation as well as for more on the more-free-shows initiative that Rubber Gloves management has introduced in recent weeks.

Withers says he's already accepting submissions for Volume 6--and, better yet, there've already been a bunch. Bands send him songs on MP3s, CD-Rs and even cassette tapes. And, once the right mix of "diversity" is reached, that's how he knows the album's done.

But, what if he's missing a band? Or a sound? Well, in at least Vulgar Fashion's case, Withers shows his commitment to the project: "I went over and recorded them live in their house, so that they could be on there."

The song "Pact With the Devil" is the result of that effort, and, I for one cannot wait to hear what this band puts out in the future. Withers sent the track along for our readers to enjoy--which is kind of crazy, since half of the duo hasn't even heard the recording yet.

Oh well, check it out as a stream and free download after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Vulgar Fashion -- "Pact With The Devil"

Vulgar Fashion -- "Pact With The Devil"

Vulgar Fashion is Andrew Michael of Mistress and Rival Gang and Julie McKendrick of Rival Gang, and the band's danceable '80s-centric beats, mixed with plenty of modern thuds, bleeps, and glitches, seems to be gaining fans in Denton.

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