Bonus MP3: Wale feat. Jazmine Sullivan -- "World Tour (Objektiv One's Chop Suey Slash Up)

Well, the area mash-up artist who goes by the name of Objektiv One has gone and done it again, preying on our mash-up weaknesses and offering up some ear candy with a new track that, like his previous efforts, finds him blending hip-hop with the world of rock. But whereas those earlier mashes found the mash-up artist combining the worlds of hp-hop and indie rock, this new one takes the rap game back a little further in rock 'n' roll history.

Today, the man born Ross Edman released a mash-up combining Wale's "World Tour" with Grand Funk Railroad's "Walk Like A Man." The resulting song? Well, first and foremost, it's a more energetic jam than Wale's original, that's for damn sure.

Edman was kind enough to pass along the track as a free download for DC9 readers. Check it out after the jump. And, while listening, ask yourself this: Between Objektiv One and LehtMoJoe, what's with this little mash-up scene that seems to be popping up in the region? I, for one, am getting way too big a kick out of it.

Bonus mp3:

Wale feat. Jazmine Sullivan -- "World Tour (Objektiv One's Chop Suey Slash Up)

Who wants to do a keg stand all of a sudden? I mean, besides me.

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