Bonus MP3s: Somebody's Darling Gives You Something Old, But Nothing New. At Least Not Yet.

David Ponder, guitarist for local roots rock up-and-comer Somebody's Darling, just sent me a couple of MP3s to offer DC-9 readers. "Easy" and "Hearts Too Young" appeared on last year's eponymous EP and they are both superb examples of alt-country with Amber Farris' powerhouse vocals (rightly) front and center.

Bonus mp3:

Somebody's Darling -- "Hearts Too Young"

Bonus mp3:

Somebody's Darling -- "Easy"

The band, which is featured in this week's print edition, spent most of November in a Nashville studio recording its full-length debut. However, Ponder couldn't provide any new songs because, according to his email, "Wish I could get you something off the LP, but you caught us right in between the mixing and mastering phase. Soon though!"

Well, a little old Somebody's Darling is certainly better than none at all. These two tracks will reappear on the album, albeit in different versions. The as-yet-untitled album should be available sometime in early spring.

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