Bonus MP3s: Two New Tracks From Analog Rebellion

In case you haven't heard what we've been saying, oh, all year now: It's high time you listened to Analog Rebellion, the new project from Aledo's 20-year-old wunderkind Daniel Hunter (formerly known as PlayRadioPlay!). This week, after having released both his Analog Rebellion debut (Ancient Electrons) and an old B-sides collection from his final PlayRadioPlay! days (Besides, Nothing), Hunter's offering up yet another disc--this one a six song EP called Cavanaugh, Something, which he's offering up as a treat to anyone who spends $15 or more on his online merch store (read: buys Ancient Electrons and Besides, Nothing for their combined $15 price tag).

Another EP? No big deal, right? Except, well, with these six songs now added to the mix,, Hunter's released an astounding 61 songs in 2010.

"Yeah, I guess so," he says with a laugh when told the number total. "That's a lot. But It's what I want to do now that I'm not on a major label."

There's a caveat, of course: "They're not all finished songs. Some have already changed a bit now that we're playing them."

He's been learning the new songs fast, too: This week, Hunter will embark on a month-long tour--his biggest since the name change. But it's been a good change, Hunter explains: "I'm more comfortable playing this stuff live than the old stuff. Mostly because this stuff is meant to be played live."

That Includes the two new songs he just passed along for DC9 readers to enjoy as free downloads after the jump. They're not finished, Hunter warns, but, hell, they sound pretty good to us. Check 'em out.

Bonus mp3:

Analog Rebellion -- "We're Not Talking To Any More Lawyers"

Bonus mp3:

Analog Rebellion -- "You Could Be Speaking To Me"

Hunter expects to start recording a follow-up to Ancient Electrons later this summer--and plans on bringing these two new tracks into the sessions.

"These are all recent demos," he says. "It's all stuff that's in the pipeline to come out. These are definitely two of the bigger-sounding songs."

Expect small changes, though--like adding in a guitar part on "You Could Be Speaking To Me," Hunter points out.

For now, though, we dig 'em in this form. Here's hoping the changes aren't too drastic.

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