Carrie Rodriguez Cooks With Kat Edmondson's Take To The Sky

Carrie Rodriguez has lived in Austin and New York City over the past several years, but thanks to her many performances in the metroplex, we like to think of her as one of our own. Heaven must also claim her as one of its own, due to how many times the fiddle player and vocalist is described as "angelic."

Still touring behind her strong 2010 album of covers, Love & Circumstances, Rodriguez can switch from barn-burning country to noir rock to heart-breaking folk with a grace and ease that isn't possible for most artists. Rodriguez performs at the Observer-sponsored Sips and Sounds shindig at the Kessler Theater on Friday, March 30, so we took a few minutes to find out what album she would be happy with, should she ever be stuck somewhere without her fiddle, or anything else.

If given only one album to be stranded on a desert island with, which would it be? Take To The Sky by Kat Edmonson.

Why that specific album? It's currently in heavy rotation at my house, the vinyl version, that is. I especially love to listen to it while I'm cooking dinner. It mellows me right out!

What's your favorite song on the record? Kat's cover of "Just Like Heaven."

When did you first hear the record? My dad gave it to me last Christmas, along with a beautiful vintage record player.

What does picking that record say about you? I like jazz, I love Kat's voice and I'm a huge fan of The Cure!

Carrie Rodriguez performs Friday at the Kessler.

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