Dallas Observer Mixtape with DJ Red Eye

DJ Red Eye is at the center of Dallas dance music for decades, laying the foundation for the recent burst in activity. Along with residencies at bars in town, he's a scout for talent for the Audiophile Deep record label. His technical mastery behind the decks, along with his depth of knowledge of the history of dance music, have set the bar for local aspiring DJs. For this week's mix Red Eye presents an eclectic mix of floor shakers including his Multipass production project with Steven "Samma Lone" Incrocci .

Dallas Observer: How was this mix made? Is there a particular theme for the track selection?

DJ Red Eye: I did this mix very no frills. Just your basic Pioneer Nexus set up. The only thought I had going into this was that there was going to be no thought. I was going to do it in one take, with no editing. That's what it's like live, so I figured that's what the mix should be. As far as song selection, I wanted to encompass all of my favorites styles and wrap it into one painting. Tribal, deep, dark, acid and techno. Lots of drum action in this one. Plus my signature moodiness, tension, and drama.

What is going on with Audiophile nowadays?

We are chugging right along. There are three labels in the label group now. So we’ve always got something going on between us. Plus, a couple of the other guys have branched out into promoting events. There's some great music coming.

What is the skinny with your Body Up residency and how did you come around to the idea of a night that kind of connects the dots from classic tunes to modern sounds?

It just has to be done. I’ve never been one of those guys that's been so concentrated about playing the newest newest newest. That's not what it's about. Some of the kids know so little about the history of this music. As my friend says, “It's about being able to mix something made 30 years ago with something made 30 days ago.” Also, I just wanted to be able to play the more organic, soulful and Afro/latin sounds that I love in a more intimate environment.

Do you find yourself drawn more towards production nowadays?

I'm really iffy about production. I like deejaying more than production. I don’t really like going into the studio unless I have something in mind to work on. That being said, I've got more production projects going on at one time that I've ever had before. There's Multipass, then there’s the return of my Lavish Habits project with Paul Paredes, I've just started a project with JT Donaldson. Oh, and I have a project with Hands Free that we call Red Handed. The good thing is that all of the projects are completely different styles.

What has been the most profound music experience you have had in the past year?

I would say playing with Danny Tenaglia, who is my number one DJ idol. In this last year I've played with so many wonderful artists, and I try to take something from each of them. I suppose going to NYC and watching the comeback LCD Soundsystem concert was pretty amazing. Oh, and getting interviewed for Pete Tong's Radio 1 show was pretty dope.

What up-and-coming producers are exciting you as of late?

Ooh, I hate this question because I always forget someone, or I always mention someone and find out they’ve been at it for 10 years. My boy Eli Escobar is starting to get his big shine. There’s W. Jeremy in NYC who makes lovely acid house tracks. Multipass did a remix for him and he has done a remix for Audiophile Deep. There's Alinka and Shaun Wright in Berlin. I like the Yellowheads. Detroit Swindle is always good for something unique. Seven Davis Jr is on some other shit. Adam Port. Destrada. Paranoid London. Christian Barbuto. Deuce Parks. Of course after this gets published I’ll think of 100 more.

What else is up with Red Eye that we might not know about?

My habit for collecting disco vinyl is completely out of control. Send help.

1. Cliff Lothar – Ringleader (Viewlexx Rec)
2. Derek Plaslaiko – True Story of a Detroit Groove (interdimensional transmission rec)
3. Dennis Cruz – Los Corazones (Mystic Bill Remix) (forthcoming)
4. Orlando Voorn and Abraxas – I Believe (Lower East Side Rec)
5. Pachanga Boys – Pachanga Voice (Hippie Dance Rec)
6. Fredrikk Kraft – Ollec (Nils Noa Remix) (Troll Rec)
7. Multipass feat STHRN GRL – Love Revolution (forthcoming Audiophile Deep)
8. SAND005A (white label)
9. Jamie Jones – New Skool Acid (Matthias Tanzmann Remix) (Kaoz Theory Rec)
10. Mutado Pintado – Lazy Boy (Fabrizio Mammarella Remix) (Les Disques De La Mort)
11. Nitzer Ebb – Control Im Here (unreleased dub) (Mute Rec)
12. Tiga – Always (forthcoming Different Rec)
13. Depeche Mode – Sweetest Perfection (Phil Kieren Remix) (Mute Rec)
14. John Monkman – French Girl In Berghain
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