Dallas Observer Mixtape with M3SA & Pintalabios: Space Art, Tragic Error & More

M3SA and Pintalabios recently started making the rounds of the Dallas party scene as a duo operating largely within the realm of techno, with added hat tips to classic industrial and synth pop. That crossover is a trend that has existed in club music for many years, but gained extra traction in recent years on the international circuit. The pair navigate these influences this week with a mixtape that would work equally well at a late night techno party or a new wave dance night.

Dallas Observer: How did you start deejaying together?

M3SA: We just recently started. It all started by mixing at a couple after parties and realizing we really enjoyed playing off of each other's music. We both like digging for new music in the record stores or online and have similar yet different tastes, which makes our mixes together more diverse.

How was this mix made? Is there a particular theme for the track selection?

Pintalabios: We recorded this mix in one take into Ableton, using a controller and Serato. As far as a theme, I think the environment played a big part in how the feel of the mix turned out. We recorded this at our home, so it's a little bit tamer than if we were playing a set in a club or warehouse. The track selection came pretty naturally; we were just playing off of each other while providing a spectrum of sounds we like.

What is your relationship with Dallas DJ culture?

Pintalabios: Dallas is a great hub for the some of the music that we’re into. There are a lot of really talented DJs and producers in this city that definitely inspire us. Not only in Dallas, but in Texas, there are a lot of interesting parties going on and music being made that makes me proud to be from here.

M3SA: I've been here in Dallas all my life, but only in the past four years have I really stumbled into the underground electronic scene. I was very surprised when I did because there is a ton of local talent here. ... There is still a lot of work to be done, but I think Dallas is well on its way to becoming a well known hub for underground electronic music.

What has been the most profound music experience you have had in the past year?

M3SA: One of the parties they have been doing in Cleburne. They’ve done a couple in the past year and they all have been amazing; hard to say which one has been my favorite. They’ve brought in acts like NGLY, Xosar, Steve Summers, Bill Converse and SSPS(Porkchop) from all over. And they've also had amazing local talent on the bill such as Rick Simpson, Vector Vision, Spiceboys, Tom Strong and Cygnus. The T.R.U. record release party was also one of the high points of the year for me as well.

How much does production play into your DJing?

M3SA: Lately I’ve been more focused on expanding my knowledge of music by digging through music and finding sounds that I really like. This not only influences my deejaying, but also my productions. As a DJ, I try to get to know the tracks inside and out so I know how I’m going to mix them. Being a producer has helped me think about this in a different light.

What drives you as a DJ? Are there certain themes you gravitate toward in your sets?

Pintalabios: Seeing the effect music has on people. The way it brings people together. Sharing music that moves me with a room full of people, whether it be strangers or friends, and them feeding off that energy. ... I always end up playing something totally different than what I thought I was going to play. I find it really exciting when you, as the DJ, don’t even know what could be next.

M3SA: I always try to take the listeners on a journey of emotion, and for me that doesn't mean it's all fun and games. I never try to stick to just one genre or sound during a set. That gets old to me. It's always nice to have diversity.

What gigs do you have coming up?

M3SA: We just played a wild party in Denton this past week and right now we're just catching up on a couple of priorities. I’m also in need of some much overdue studio time. I'm sure we'll be playing in Dallas sometime here in the near future.

1. Nous Savons Tout - Space Art
2. Desolate Cities - 2 AM/FM
3. Romance - Dynamite Winter Palace
4. The Sun is Shining - Keita Sano
5. Tribal Tone (Ruffneck Mix) - OHM
6. Tanzen (part 2) - Tragic Error
7. I Need a Freak - Sexual Harassment
8. Sigil Magic - Perseus Traxx
9. Electronic Warfare (Take Control Mix by Aux 88) -U.R.
10. Three O' Three - Public Energy
11. Future Funked - Signal Type
12. Icelandic Lady - Luke Eargoggle
13. From Below - Junq
14. I Want You - Concrete Beat
15. The Trill Acid Theme - Hardfloor (E.R.P) remix
16. Guts of the City - Umwelt
17. Northfield Lane - Headless Horseman
18. Face of Electric - Tzusing
19. Knights & Bishops - Ancient Methods
20. Sturm Bricht Los - Sumerian Fleet
21. E.M.F. - Master Minds
22. Lost In Our Ways - Gosub
23. Wireless Internet - Arpanet
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