Dallas Observer Mixtape with Mikey Rodge: Gramatik, Mochipet & More

Mikey Rodge has been a constant presence amongst the younger set of DJ's to come out of the short lived days, but fondly remembered Fallout Lounge.  Rodge is an ex-pat of the blog house scene that brought a generation of indie kids into club music. As a DJ, promoter and blogger he has seen the frontlines of all sides of the biz. For this week's mixtape Rodge delivers a his brand of future funk.

Dallas Observer: How did you get started DJ’ing? How long have you been at it?

Mikey Rodge: I had been doing it low-key just for fun for about a year until my friend Genova, who is also a local DJ, urged me to play sets around town. Shortly after that, I somehow was able to talk my way into getting a weekly residency at the now-defunct Fallout Lounge on Exposition Ave. That’s where I was able to cut my teeth and improve my skills. I have been at it ever since for the last 7 years.

Is there a particular theme for the track selection?
Glitchy bass beats with a funky twist.  I’ve always been a fan of the crunchy synths that were prevalent in the blog house era of 2006-2009 and a lot of these tracks have that element fused with glitch-hop and electronic funk.

How did you start getting involved with Dallas DJ culture?
I began first as a spectator, but quickly started promoting a monthly party of my own at The Cavern [now Crown & Harp.] We hosted various DJ’s along with several indie dance and hip-hop acts on a monthly basis. The party was called Dance Your Face Off! I later started an electronic music blog under the same name.

What is your relationship with funky bass music?
I used to play several different types of electronic genres until about a year and a half ago when I started up a new residency at Sundown At Granada called The Future Funk Lounge with my buddy Jumbii. We wanted to provide a regular spot in Dallas for people to listen to glitch-hop and electronic funk and soul. Since then, I’ve kinda gotten a reputation around town as being the “future funk” DJ. I still like to switch it up and play a disco house or a grime set every now and then though.

Where do you like to dig for new(or old) tracks?
I get a decent amount from the usual channels like Soundcloud and Bandcamp. However, I get a lot of good stuff through my blogging gig at All Good Records, whether it’s through assignments or direct submissions. Artists that are featured and released on that label are usually right up my ally.

What was the most profound musical experience you have had in the past year?
As far as playing shows, opening for GRiZ at a sold-out Trees topped my list last year. As far as experiencing shows, I would have to say seeing Odesza at Backwoods Fest really blew my mind. Phutureprimitive at Three Links was a really good one as well.

What gigs do you have in the near future?
I’ll be playing a daytime party at The Green Elephant this Sunday (5/15) opening for Late Night Radio from Denver. You can also catch me every last Thursday of the month at Sundown At Granada for my usual Future Funk Lounge gig.

How was this mix made?
I recorded this mix at home on my Serato NS7II controller.

Marshall McGee - Pixel Ninjas
Crazy Daylight & Elonious - Bless
Boifrenz - Rattle Battle
Queen - Fat Bottom Girls (Love & Light Remix)
Steve Miller Band - Fly Like An Eagle (Psymbionic Remix)
Opiuo ft. Russ Liquid - On Your Side (The Funk Hunters Remix)
Karmasynk - Furple Punk (Memetech Remix)
Hermitude - Speak Of The Devil (K+Lab Reflip)
Gramatik ft. Luxas - Corporate Demons
AMB - Placebo Disco (CloZee Remix)
Reatch - Funk City
Mochipet - Cractal Funk (SugarBeats Remix)
Madafaka - Ghetto Game (ARTFX Remix)
Mat Tha Hat - Funk Face
RIOT - Jazz Cat Funk (Mr. Ours Remix)
The Noisy Freaks & J.A.C.K. - We Are The Ones
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