DJ Contest at Artopia and the Best Shows in Town This Weekend

As we mentioned on Tuesday, this year's edition of the Dallas Observer-sponsored Artopia event on Saturday at Dallas Contemporary will have a music angle. Three DJs -- Skrause, DJ-O and The Latin House Krew -- all compete for a chance to perform at Lights All Night, December 30 and 31. If you want to see the contest and have your senses otherwise overloaded, head over to Artopia.

If not, we have a list of other shows worth attending this weekend, starting with the ones we already mentioned this week.

Tonight, Big Sean will be at Granada Theater along with CHYI and Shawn Chrystopher, and in Deep Ellum, Centro-Matic and Spooky Folk will perform. Also, at Lizard Lounge, Israeli DJ Borgore will perform, and the guy from Bad English, John Waite, will be at Grapevine's Glass Cactus. Oh, and The County Fringe will play over at Crooked Tree Coffee House, and at The Green Elephant, Eliot Lipp will do something called dubstep.

On Saturday, Rayland Baxter will perform at All Good Cafe, and Quiet Company, The Blurries, Radiant (for whom I play drums) and Comrade will perform at Dada. Also, Puscifer will be at Majestic Theatre.

And, on Sunday, Rachael Yamagata will be at The Loft.

That's not all: More of this weekend's shows after the jump.

How The Edge Stole Christmas
Friday, December 2, Verizon Theatre in Grand Prairie

If you've got a weird combination of angst and Chistmas spirit pent up, then your cure might be in Grand Prairie tonight, where KDGE 102.1-FM The Edge is hosting their annual Christmas extravaganza. And what says Christmas better than a show from Rise Against and Awolnation? Better hurry, though. Opening act Electric Touch is already on stage at the time of this article's posting.

George Jones
Friday, December 2, Rio Brazos Live

I just want to know how he gets his hair to do that.

People On Vacation
Friday, December 2, The Aardvark

People On Vacation, a pop-rock outfit made up of Smile Smile's Ryan Hamilton and Bowling For Soup's Jaret Reddick, are entering week two of their album release festivities. Last week, the duo were at the Kessler Theater hawking copies of the newly-released The Carry On EP. Tonight, they'll do the same at Fort Worth's The Aardvark.

Sundress, Roy Robertson, Soviet, New York City Queens, Ghost Town
Friday, December 2, Hailey's Club

Denton's Sundress has managed to get comfortable in the grey area between pop and experimental rock over the last few years. Their newer material is more psychedelic than ever before. And, with them headlining a solid bill in their hometown, it should be a good show, should you find yourself in Denton tonight.

Christmas Sweater Party w/ Ryan Thomas Becker's Last Joke, Bad Design, Final Club
Saturday, December 3, Hailey's Club

Should you find yourself in Denton tomorrow night, head back over to Hailey's Club where Ryan Thomas Becker's Last Joke will headline a show with what remains the funniest, albeit played-out, Christmas party themes: the tacky Christmas sweater. You know you have one from last year's party, or the year before.

Love Inks, Blackstone Rangers, Kiwi Sisters
Saturday, December 3, at Canton Co-Op

Austin's Love Inks will be back at the much-touted DIY venue Canton Co-Op, which is in Deep Ellum on Canton Street, duh. It's a Parade of Flesh show, so you know it's good. But really, Love Inks has been generating some indie-pop buzz overseas and stateside, which should go over well in the small confines of Canton Co-Op tomorrow night.

...and that's it for us. Have a good weekend, and we'll see you back here on Monday!

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