For Bastrop: 10 Songs About Putting Out Fires

The wildfires raging through the greater Austin area have everyone on edge. The Forest Service has stated that they're taxed to the limit, Rick Perry briefly abandoned his presidential run to focus on the blaze and the smoke is causing breathing problems as far north as Waxahachie. Meanwhile forecasts show the drought will undoubtedly continue, keeping the atmosphere in Texas ripe for more fires to crop up.

However, there is good news coming in: Firefighters are making slow but steady progress on the biggest wildfire, located around Bastrop. According to reports this afternoon, the fire is currently behind containment barriers. Although the fire continues to destroy homes and properties, the firefighters battling the blaze are doing so with the tenacity of true Texans -- they're not giving up despite exhausting hours and seemingly insurmountable opposition from Mother Nature.

In the spirit of solidarity, we've collected a list of 10 songs that may or may not be about putting out fires. it being that fire is usually used as a metaphor in most songs, none of the songs we've collected here are actually about putting out literal fires. We're leaving that task to the real heroes, not the musicians. So check out our playlist. 

Oh, and keep sending that bottled water to Bastrop. They need it.

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Laura Mann