Gig Alert: Charlie Parr, AM Ramblers, Burntsierra Trio Tonight at The Hydrant Café

Sad to say I've never had the pleasure of attending a gig at Denton's Hydrant Café, but tonight's bill at the little eatery just off the square might warrant the trip northward.

Headlining country bluesman Charlie Parr has a story almost as good as his music: The 40-year-old from Duluth, Minnesota, dropped out of school in ninth grade and decided to roam the country. Taking inspiration from his father who grew up on a tenant farm in Iowa and road the rails from Appalachia to Texas, Parr wondered the states and took solace in the blues. Since 2002, Parr has released seven highly acclaimed albums of stark, acoustic musings. Highly influenced by blues legend Charlie Patton and the folk/blues of Dave Van Ronk, Parr's playing and lyrics are reflective, earnest and seemingly from a time long past.

Like Murry Hammond of Old 97's (who shares a similar affinity/fixation for trains), Parr's songs resonant with a genuineness that is as undeniable as it is affecting. In other words (or in the words of Steve Earle), this is real music.

And, with locals AM Ramblers and Burntsierra Trio also on the bill, this looks to be one of the best Tuesday nights of Americana music in recent memory.

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