Gig Alert: Straylight Run and a Bunch of Other Folks Tonight at The Prophet Bar

Despite the cold and wet weather, the fine folks at The Prophet Bar are offering up a crowded and fairly consistent line-up of moppy rockers to hopefully not add to your rainy day blues.

On tonight's bill are Straylight Run, Dangerous Summer, Mansions, Brian Bonz and David Melillo. Former Taking Back Sunday member John Nolan leads Straylight Run and his band has built a solid following around the country with its straight-forward, indie rock. Straylight Run is quite capable of surprising folks--just as they did by covering Dylan's "With God on Our Side" on an early EP.

Any band that takes its name from a Hemingway novel can't be all bad, either, and Dangerous Summer is no exemption. This spry quartet from Maryland channels everyone from U2 to Explosions in the Sky while still coming across appropriately emo.

Add in the more sedate, singer/songwriter sounds of Manisons, Brian Bonz and David Melillo, and you have a bill that not only begins at around 8 p.m., but offers the best variety for the buck.

Especially on this particular Monday evening.

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Darryl Smyers
Contact: Darryl Smyers