Busking With The Bacon Brothers at the Belmont Hotel in Dallas

Globe Trek Productions caught up with The Bacon Brothers — that's Kevin Bacon and his brother Michael — before their gig at the Kessler earlier this month.

On the balcony of Room 51 at the Belmont Hotel in Dallas, Kevin and Michael and their band performed two songs from their new album, "A Road We Know Too Well" and "I Feel You."

They grew up in Philadelphia with four sisters and say both of their parents had horrible singing voices, but regardless, there was always music in their home. In fact, Michael and one sister had a jug band that rehearsed in the basement, and Kevin used to watch the practices.

Michael says "A Road We Know Too Well" is about a metaphoric road trip and looking ahead in life. Before performing "I Feel You," Kevin jokes that song is also about a metaphoric road trip. Both road songs. Take a listen.

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