Go Ahead And Watch Los Campesinos! Shop For Vinyl At Good Records, If That's Your Thing.

It's been ten days now since Los Campesinos! rolled through town for a gig at the Granada Theater, and in the wake of that show, the above video of frontman Gareth shopping at Good Records popped up on the ol' Youtube.

Specifically, Gareth was on the prowl for 7'' records as part of a fan giveaway the band is calling The Record Box Project, in which, over the course of their US tour, the band members search the record stores of America for some of their favorite 7'' discs, only to pack them all in a record box and give them away at the end of the tour to one lucky fan. (Click here for the details.)

At the very least, consider this yet one more plug for the adored Lower Greenville shop. Says Gareth: "[It] very much does what it says on the shop front."

Which, hell, I could say, but not with the same gravitas, as I don't have a Welsh accent.


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