Good Friday: Whiskey Folk Ramblers, Midlake, Baruch The Scribe, Sarah Renfro, Greg Laswell, Friendo, and Others

The weekend's here and it should be a big one for Whiskey Folk Ramblers. Tonight marks the release of their sophomore album, ...And There Are Devils. Jesse Hughey spoke with the band about working with producer, Salim Nourallah, who will also be the support act for what will almost certainly be a well-attended show at Lola's Sixth in Fort Worth.

There are plenty of other shows coming through the region this weekend, though. First, let's touch base on some of the one's we've already discussed...

On Friday, Jimmy Gnecco, best known for his band, Ours, will be hitting all the high notes at Prophet bar. On Saturday, Midlake and John Grant will play Hailey's Club, and, for some lighter fare, Dave Little will melt down at All Good Cafe.

Lastly, on Sunday, Baruch The Scribe and The Beaten Sea will perform at Dan's Silverleaf.

More of this weekend's shows after the jump.

Greg Laswell
Friday, June 4, at Good Records
Greg Laswell has figured out the formula for writing made-for-TV songs, seeing as his music gets regular rotation on Grey's Anatomy, The Hills, 90210, Smallville and others. It's the kind of sappy stuff you'd expect from those shows, but it'll be interesting to see how his songs hold up minus a screen full of hot teens.

Shapes Stars Make, My Education, The Angelus
Friday, June 4, at Doublewide
It's a night of ambient pop at the Doublewide. Shapes Stars Make have a distinct Explosions In The Sky influence, while Denton's The Angelus employs a darker style. To be certain, your ears will hurt after this show, but it will be worth it.

Stone River Boys
Friday, June 4, at AllGood Cafe
Mike Snider over at AllGood Cafe loves Stone River Boys so much that he's bringing them back for the second time in a month. Hard to blame him if you like the country-soul of these Austinites.

Sugar And Gold, Dust Congress, Daniel Folmer
Friday, June 4, at Dan's Silverleaf
San Fransisco's Sugar And Gold bring their electro-indie-soul to Dan's with the help of Denton ragtime-folk act Dust Congress and Daniel Folmer. 

Friendo, Nervous Curtains, George Quartz
Saturday, June 5, at Lounge On Elm Street
Blogosphere middleweight Friendo makes a stop in Dallas to support their new record, Cold Toads. Catch the Canadian three-piece's dream-pop, with local acts Nervous Curtains, and George Quartz.

Sarah Renfro, Luna Matto, Young And Brave
Saturday, June 5, at Kessler Theater
Former Dentonite-turned-Brooklynite, Sarah Renfro's sleepy, dreamy folk is sure to have the Kessler Theater in a chilled-out mood on Saturday night. So don't be that guy who has to cause a ruckus by slam-dunking his Bud Light into the trash can.

Hello Lover
Sunday, June 6 at La Grange
Sex Rock and snow cones. Need I say more?

Foe Destroyer, Sarah Renfro, Eaton Lake Tonics
Sunday, June 6 at Hailey's Club
Not to blow up Sarah Renfro this weekend, but she's playing some pretty sweet bills--like this one, with Foe Destroyer and Eaton Lake Tonics. Both band's songs are energetic and dynamic, which should make this an eclectic, but fun show.

Got another show worth hyping this weekend? Add it in the comments.

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