Holy Diver, Mic the Tiger

Lee May, singer/guitarist of local psychedelic rockers Holy Diver, is adamant that his band is not, nor ever will be, a tribute band to Ronnie James Dio. "We all had this ongoing joke about the song and how we didn't know what it meant and how hilarious it was," Lee says. Hilarity would seem to be a keyword for Holy Diver. Beginning as a cheesy cover band prone to jammy excess, Holy Diver has an added conceit in that they play miniature instruments, guitar stacks and all. "We're slowly making the transition to an original band," Lee says. "Since we started playing miniature instruments, it's been nonstop hilarity and fun." Bassist Johnny Hardy and drummer Joe Hardy complete this wacky trio. New songs such as "Touch Me Where the Sun Don't Shine" and "I'm in Love With a Mannequin Man Again" give you a pretty good idea of the whimsy going on around here. Also on this bill is Mic the Tiger, a relatively new entry onto the scene. The alt-rock four-piece is fronted by ex-Buck Pets guitarist/songwriter Chris Savage and offers up an engaging pop/punk that speaks well for the band's continued growth. The band has recorded one digital EP and will be cutting a full-length in the summer. Tracks such as "Sheets" and "Last Cold Stereo" are solid originals that pleasantly inhabit a ground all their own.

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Darryl Smyers
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