How An All-Girl, Michigan-Based Punk Group Fell For Dallas' The Telefones 30 Years Too Late

A little over a week ago, Robert posted something of a gem to Unfair Park: Seems an all-girl punk band from Grand Rapids, Michigan, 30 years after the fact have released a response song to the great "She's In Love With The Rolling Stones," a fine, fine single released by Dallas New Wavers The Telefones back in 1980, only to get something of a revival in 1992, courtesy of a must-own, all-Texas punk compilation called Bloodstains Across Texas (also featuring Dallas' The Nervebreakers, natch).

Well, courtesy of that very compilation, actually, the group, called The Doctors' Wives, heard the song and fell in love.

"I'm a bit of a music nerd," admits Tiffany Compton, who performs under the name Miss Fortune in the band. "I really like Killed by Death comps, Hyped to Death, and Bloodstains. When I heard that song it certainly stood out in a good way! It was so upbeat and fun! I watched some of the YouTube videos and the love grew."

Really: Compton would babble on and on about the Telefones and specifically their track about how the band couldn't get the attention of a girl who was in love with the Stones. While out at Grand Rapids area bars, she'd repeatedly bring up the subject -- and much to her friends' chagrin.

"One night, I was at my favorite watering hole in Grand Rapids called the Meanwhile Bar," Compton explains. "I was sitting out on the patio talking to a friend about the song 'She's In Love with the Rolling Stones.' I was saying how insane this women is. She got to date a member of one of the coolest underground bands in their heyday! Then I said that I wasn't in love with the Rolling Stones. My friend Chad suggested I write a song about it."

And there you have it. Just like that, a great band from Dallas' underground past got pulled from obscurity. Good to see The Nervebreakers ain't the only ones.

After the jump, courtesy of Compton, give The Doctors' Wives revival of the Telefones a free download. And, hell, stream the original take to boot. Then cross your fingers and pray that we might yet one day see another combined Telefones and Nervebreakers gig. Maybe The Doctors' Wives could come down and open?

Stream: The Telefones -- "She's In Love With The Rolling Stones"

Bonus MP3:

The Doctors' Wives -- "Not In Love With The Rolling Stones"

More where this came from, please.

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