Jay Fresh and SuperVision Give Jay-Z and Kanye West's "Otis" a Glitch-Hop Makeover

As hip-hop goes, it's very much been the summer of Watch The Throne. But you already knew that.

Regardless, two and a half weeks after its release, the collaborative Jay-Z and Kanye effort remains very much the talk of the rap world -- and not because it's so great or anything (we remain rather undecided on the matter). Rather, it's because it's everywhere, particularly the song "Otis," which saw its beat leaked by some enterprising Internet hound, leading to countless remixes and second efforts on the track -- even from the likes of Busta Rhymes, who's had himself something of a surprising comeback year in '11, and DMX, who, fresh out of prison, will be performing at the House of Blues next Tuesday. 

No surprise, then, that a couple local products decided to give the track a go on their own. But the collaborative effort from fresh-faced local rapper Jay Fresh and Denver-based electronic producer SuperVison (recently signed to Pretty Lights' label) is a little bit different. Overhauled by SuperVision with more of a glitch-hop vibe (and, pleasantly, less of the bumbling vocal sample loop action from the original), the track is more high energy than the Watch The Throne version.

It's kind of awesome actually -- a fine effort from a young local music scene noob worth watching, indeed -- so give it a much-merited download after the jump.

Keep an eye out for the song's accompanying music video next week. Oh, and, if ya like, catch SuperVision on Sunday night at the Green Elephant, where he'll perform as part of the Identity Fest afterparty.

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Pete Freedman
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