Jerry Kay Weeks of Ernest Tubb Record Shop: "People Who Love Music Love Life"

From behind the counter at Ernest Tubb Record Shop, Jerry Kay Weeks greets visitors from China, Germany, Amsterdam, London and Australia...and that was just last week.

The Original Ernest Tubb Record Store is a Top-3 must-see in Nashville for music fans. And long before Nashville called to his soul, Tubb was a Fort Worth native (his band was called the Texas Troubadours). Jerry Kay Weeks is one of the two star supporters that have kept the Fort Worth branch of the spot alive for two decades (the other being A.J. Lockett, who knew Tubb and would cook for his band when they came through), and since its inception, ETRS has hosted a slew of live in store performances (now a weekly Saturday tradition from 1 to 4), and impromptu visits from country artists both big and small, local and national (Tanya Tucker dropped by to shop one day, and ended up staying and signing for two hours). With Record Store Day coming up again Friday, we just had to pick her brain, and take a closer look at Ernest Tubb Record Shop in Ft. Worth's Historic Stockyards.

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Alan Ayo