Jerry Springer Sings Elvis Presley Karaoke at McKinney Avenue Tavern

Making pilgrimages in the name of Elvis Presley is nothing new. Of course, for most super fans of the King that means making the trek to Graceland in Memphis, Presley's home and the place where he died back in 1977. But for talk show host Jerry Springer, it means something a little different: coming to Dallas to sing karaoke at McKinney Avenue Tavern.

For the third year running, Springer visited MAT in honor of Presley's birthday last week. (Presley's birthday was Friday — the same day as David Bowie's, who sadly passed away over the weekend — and Springer was in town Thursday.) "We keep asking him back and he keeps coming back," says owner Big Al Mack of the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show.

In the video Springer makes sure to get in some quality trolling on the audience, making fun of the Dallas Mavericks and (more than once) denouncing the recently enacted open carry law. But it's all in good fun, apparently: "The truth is, I love Dallas," Springer says. "I'll look for excuses to come here." We'll know where to find him when year four rolls around then.  
In other Elvis news, check out this duel between Elvis impersonators. Can a 12-year-old unseat the reigning champion at El Ranchito?

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