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Julieta Venegas, Mexico's Queen of Pop, Stunned the House of Blues Last Night

During Julieta Venegas' 20-year artistic career, the Tijuana-via-Long Beach songstress has been described as both "mainstream" and "alternative," but both are been misguided ways to describe Venegas.

After finding cult-like support with her first two releases, Buenviento and Aqui, both of which forever shook the Mexican pop/rock landscape, Venegas started recording Top 40-smashing pop albums that were considered her selling-out moment. (Because succeeding is such an awful thing, right?) Regardless of her past classifications, there is one title she now holds, undisputed: Julieta Venegas is Mexico's Queen of Pop.

Presenting her new critically acclaimed album Los Momentos, Julieta returned to Dallas' House Of Blues Wednesday night to a diverse crowd of art-punk latinos, post-cholos and enthusiastic Mexican mothers who were ready to see the Tijuanaese open a new chapter in her already stellar career.

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Winston Rivas
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