Ladies Night Out Tour

With all the attention lavished on female R&B stars like Beyoncé, Janet Jackson and Christina Aguilera, a whole crop of talented male crooners has been getting shortchanged lately by radio, MTV and the ineffable commodity known as General Media Presence. Conveniently, this generous package tour's stop Friday night at NextStage offers the chance to right that wrong; it'll feature performances by R. Kelly-assisted smoothie Joe, whose hit "More & More" slyly promises that he's "not your average Joe"; Atlanta quartet Jagged Edge, whose "Walked Out of Heaven" is appropriately spacey; no-frills crooner Avant, whose "Read Your Mind" rides a groove meticulous enough for fans of German techno; and genre veteran Ginuwine, the man who knows a dozen women's blue-jeans brands and wants to wear 'em all. They're all dangerously in love with something. Show them you care, too.

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