Listen to "Of All the Flowers" from The County Fringe

Guy Cramer is (another) one of those restless local musicians who seem to jump from project to project, always looking for the perfect fit.

Thankfully, The County Fringe may finally be the project that Cramer has been looking for. And all it took was working with his wife. Image that.

Cramer was once the drummer for Fort Worth's 3 Cities Burning and Even though the band played fairly traditional, country rock, the guys thought the band name suggested a rock or emo outfit. So, a few months later, the name was changed to The Kilroys.

And despite putting out a couple fine EPs under both monikers, the band called it a day a while back and Cramer, wisely, decided to form a duo with his wife Heather. Cramer plays banjo and guitar while his wife does most of the vocalizing. The pair has an self-titled EP coming out in a couple of weeks and was kind enough to share a song with the readers of DC-9.

The song is called "Of All the Flowers" and it has a nice, alt-country/Americana feel that should appeal to the coffee house crowd quite nicely.

Fittingly, the County Fringe plays this Friday at Crooked Tree Coffee House from 9 to 11.

Check out the song, and if you dig it, for God's sake, go support a new local duo.

County Fringe - "Of All the Flowers"

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