Watch Max Frost Busk in Deep Ellum

Watch Max Frost Busk in Deep Ellum
Globe Trek Productions

In Globe Trek Productions' latest busking video, Max Frost, dressed in a San Francisco 49ers jacket, serenades Deep Ellum wanderers as the sun makes its steady descent on the shops and restaurants. Playing his songs “Money Problems” and “Good Morning,” Frost broke the hum of passing cars and echoing footsteps with blues-meets-pop arrangements.

Frost recalls the decision to leave Austin at a time when he craved the perspective a new environment like Dallas could provide. He remembers how the clash of his fame versus the reality of his living conditions moved him to write “Money Problems.” He speaks of how his tour is shaping up and the fans have been instrumental in his success.

Words falling out faster than his fingers moved on the guitar, Frost appears moving even when his feet stay planted. His “Good Morning” is a shot of adrenaline in form of song, and even as an acoustic rendition, the forcefully optimistic affirmation carries with it the phantom sounds of a band playing around him.
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