MC Chris

Tired of spinners, chrome and bling? Then check out the hottest new shit in hip-hop: a rapping spider named MC Pee Pants who wears diapers and tries to rule the world by yelling about candy. It's the jam! All right, so the bizarre moment on Cartoon Network's Aqua Teen Hunger Force won't blow up like Li'l Jon anytime soon, but the crazy voice behind the cartoon's nerd-rap episode comes courtesy of Adult Swim animator and voice actor MC Chris, whose cult fan base has grown thanks to MP3s about Boba Fett's Corvette, getting high on Robitussin and staying home on prom night. "It's rap music through the filter of a nerd, I guess," Chris says, but his sense of humor keeps the strange rhymes, like matching "paydirt" with "Lee Majors," a few steps above gimmick status, as does his unique voice. "Anyone can rap about Dungeons & Dragons, but I bring that certain chipmunk quality that's missing from hip-hop these days," Chris says, and even over the phone, his shrill voice is unmistakable. He also promises a stand-up quality to his live show, so expect skits, insanity and 12-sided dice between the beats and squeals at his first-ever Denton concert.
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sam Machkovech