Dallas Observer Music Awards

The Performers for the 30th Annual Dallas Observer Music Awards Ceremony

This was from 2009 when the DOMAs were turning 21. How naive.
This was from 2009 when the DOMAs were turning 21. How naive. Patrick Michels

Celebration: "the action of marking one's pleasure at an important event or occasion by engaging in enjoyable, typically social, activity."

That's what just popped up when we Googled "celebration definition." Celebration: a time of celebrating. Pleasure: feeling good. Important event: DOMAs. Enjoyable, social activity: drinking and listening to music. Cellllllebraaaate good times, c'mon! It's the 30th annual DOMAs.

The DOMAs ceremony, which takes place at 7 p.m. Dec. 4 at Canton Hall and is FREE, will have nine performers covering different genres.

Remy Reilly, PriMadonna, Yells at Eels, Loreli K, Becky Middleton, Jason Castro, Rosegarden Funeral Party, Cure For Paranoia and Wanz Dover are all set to perform Tuesday, Dec. 4, the night of the DOMAs ceremony, which is free. The performers have been instructed to perform some kind of celebration/birthday song because we are celebrating the DOMAs' 30th birthday. The DOMAs showcase is Dec. 1 in Deep Ellum, and you can buy tickets here. The ceremony is Dec. 4 at Canton Hall, and the event is free.


Be there.
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