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Ramsay Midwood's Grooves of Wrath

On a Scandinavian tour in 2002, the Gourds' friend and guide kept playing a recording by an old blues singer named Ramsay Midwood. So when a man with a scruffy beard and twinkling blue eyes came up to Kevin Russell after a gig in Austin in early 2002 and introduced himself, the Gourds singer had to laugh. "You ain't Ramsay Midwood," Russell said, figuring the singer-songwriter whose cassette the band fell in love with was black and probably dead 30 years.

First impressions are powerful, man. Like how you hear a cover song first and it becomes the original, at least in your mind. I met Ramsay Midwood 11 years ago on the 11th hole of a golf course by the Austin airport and my first thought was that he was a prisoner given some leisure time for good behavior. He was playing by himself, but his cart was being driven by a uniformed female guard packing heat. The exercise yard of the Del Valle jail ran alongside the second hole, so you can understand how I made the mistake. I spent the first couple holes thinking that Midwood might suddenly start swinging his club and knocking heads during an impetuous escape.

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Michael Corcoran