Rigor Mortis Printing Co. Screenprint Till They Drop

Four box fans buzz away inside Napkin Art Studios as Jonathon Kimbrell screenprints a batch of business cards for Rigor Mortis Printing Co., a new venture he launched with Richard Reed in May. The motto etched into the card's skull logo ("Print to the death!") seems fitting for a company operating out of an 1,000-square-foot garage, but one advantage to printing in 100-plus-degree heat is that the eco-friendly, water-based media Kimbrell and Reed work with dries in an instant.

As Kimbrell methodically prints sheet after sheet in the studio, which is sandwiched between Dowdy Studios and Dallas Lampworking on Garland Road, just behind Goodfriend and Good 2 Go Taco, it's impossible not to notice the wall behind his workstation. It's covered with dozens of colorful limited-edition, hand-printed posters, prints and cards of various shape and size for The Polyphonic Spree, Old 97's and Sarah Jaffe, and touring acts ranging from The Sounds to White Denim to Pink Martini.

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Daniel Rodrigue
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