Ten Songs To Soundtrack Your Presidents' Day

We at the Observer love holiday lists. Take, for instance, our Ten Best Indie Christmas Songs, Thirteen Videos to Scare Your Friday the 13th Pants Off, and the totally relevant National Doughnut Day list. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that we've put together a song list for Presidents' Day.

The Presidents of the United States of America -- "Lump"
The song isn't technically about presidents, but the band name is The Presidents of the United States of America, and that's good enough for us.
The Professor Brothers (Brad Neely) -- "History Lesson"
Brad Neely also has a pretty entertaining clip about George Washington.
They Might Be Giants -- "James K. Polk"
Apparently kids love presidents and They Might Be Giants.
The Arcitype with MC Kazuo -- "44 Presidents"
The Arcitype and MC Kazuo will teach you a thing or two about U.S. history.
Eminem -- "Mosh"
This protest song was released just before the 2004 presidential election.
Why? -- "These Few Presidents"
Jonathan "Yoni" Wolf has presidents in his pocket.
Laughtech Industries -- "Grover Cleveland's Mustache"
This guy is stoked on Grover Cleveland's mustache.
Animaniacs -- "Presidents"
The Animaniacs give a history lesson.
Smart Songs -- "Presidents"
These two dudes loves Presidents' Day.
Rappin' Ratz -- "The Presidents"
Rats, rapping about presidents. Enough said.

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