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The 10 Best Gay Bars in Dallas-Fort Worth

It's 2016, people. Get over whatever absurd misconceptions you've been holding onto all these years (yes, Texas, we're looking squarely at you) and get with the 21st century. Once you do, you'll discover a crucial fact: Nothing beats a party at a gay bar. So let's wave the flag for the 10 best gay bars in Dallas.
10. Hidden Door

75-cent beers on Sunday! I repeat, they have 75-cent beers on Sunday! Along with killer bloody marys and, one more time, 75-cent beers! Sorry, I got a little excited; I really, really, really, really like cheap beer. There's also a fantastic jukebox and the bartenders make a mean drink, but really it's all about the 75-cent beer. You know that scene in Varsity Blues where the guys have been partying all night, and then stumble wearily into the sun? Yeah, that's what it's like after a Sunday at Hidden Door. Oh and fair warning: It's cash only. Jaime-Paul Falcon

5025 Bowser Ave., Dallas,
9. Pekers

To quote my good friend Hutch, "Pekers has the best karaoke, hands down, run by a wannabe Bette Midler." And he's right, it is the best karaoke in town, and after enough drinks you start to think The Rose herself is really in the room leading people through drunken renditions of "Wind Beneath My Wings." Bonus points for the occasional cash prize they give out during karaoke; many a bar tab has been covered this way over the years. JPF

2615 Oak Lawn Ave., Dallas,
8. Mable Peabody's

Mable Peabody's Beauty Parlor & Chainsaw Repair, besides having the best bar name in Texas, is also the perfect spot for a drunken, crossdressing good time. Mable has upped its game lately by booking more bands to play, and costumes aren't just suggested, they're almost expected. Regulars are a rowdy bunch of kind-hearted eclectics supplemented by an unfailingly kind bar staff. Friday's notorious Karaoke Night brings out Denton's most enchanting characters; so much so that there was even a song written about one. Mable's ragtag crew is fully equipped to captivate guys, gals and everyone in between. Matt Wood

1215 E. University Dr., Denton,
7. Woody's

If we're going to make a list like this, we have to talk about Woody's. Woody's is the best sports bar in Dallas. Yes, it's a gay bar, but that doesn't matter, because there's not a better place to catch a Cowboys game in the metroplex. The patio kicks ass, the upstairs bar has the stronger drinks, and the downstairs bar is prone to sing-a-longs. Eat your heart out, Buffalo Wild Wings patrons. JPF

4011 Cedar Springs Rd., Dallas,
6. The Round-Up Saloon

Tight jeans, cowboy boots and line dancing. No, we're not talking about a Brooks & Dunn music video — it's The Round-Up Saloon. This old-school Western bar is a great, laid-back bar, righ, smack in the center of the Cedar Springs strip — making it a favorite for off-duty bronc busters and Lady Gaga. But The Round-Up is more than just 10-gallon hats and drinks; they offer dance classes for those interested in mastering the art of the two-step, the shuffle and the shadow. They're super invested in giving back, too: Each year, The Round-Up raises thousands of dollars for local charities like this month's Guns and Hoses Benefit, which will raise funds for the city's police officers, first responders and firefighters. Molly Mollotova

3912 Cedar Springs Rd., Dallas,

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