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The 15 Best Bathrooms in Dallas Music Venues

A trip to a venue bathroom is usually a haphazard (and possibly hazardous) experience. "Just get it over with so you can make it back in time to order another drink before the band plays their next song," is usually all that is involved in the live music bathroom planning mentality. That, and how to minimize hand-to-surface contact. When it comes to a bar, club or large arena, we don't necessarily put all of our faith in the particular venue's custodial arts. However, one might be surprised to learn, there are some water closets throughout the Dallas music venue scene that are not only passably sanitary, but are also actually a vaguely pleasurable experience.

In search of the perfect bathroom, there are many factors to consider. Cleanliness, of course is always top priority. Distance between the paper towel dispenser and door handle to ensure proper sanitary exit. Smells. Whether or not the facilities are equipped for proper personal "emergencies." But then there are other various intricacies we often overlook, such as wall "art" and graffiti, fliers, and whether or not the mirrors allow for adequate attire and hair inspection.

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Aaron Ortega
Contact: Aaron Ortega