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The Dallas Observer St. Patrick's Day Snoop Dogg Concert: Everything You Need to Know

Tanqueray-and-chronic time is fast approaching, but you'll need to arm yourself with all the important details before setting off for our sold-out St. Patrick's Day Concert on Saturday, headlined by a little rapper named Snoop Dogg.

Here are the answers to your many questions. Got more? Ask them in the comments and we'll do our best.

Before I waste my time: Are there even tickets left? Nope. Sorry. They sold out yesterday. Can't sleep on a D-O-Double-G, I guess.

It's all good. Someone will get too hammered and give me theirs. So: Who's playing? First up are the Effinays, a six-piece blend of jammy reggae and hip-hop-infused funk that impressed several weeks' worth of audiences at their recent Sundown at Granada residency. Then come the electro-pop band Ishi, whose anticipated second LP, Digital Wounds, drops in just three weeks. Next: Dallas' underground hip-hop superstars A.Dd+, who just released their DiveHiFlyLo mixtape. Then comes Sublime tribute band Badfish, followed by Snoop Dogg in the late afternoon.

Isn't it Snoop Lion? No, it isn't. He's expected to release a reggae album under that moniker this year, but we paid for a Dogg, and that's what we're getting.

Sounds fun. Where is this shiznit? The music will be made at the Energy Square Parking Lot, on the northwest corner of Greenville Avenue and University Boulevard and a short C-Walk from the end of the Dallas St. Patrick's Parade and Festival route. Not good with intersections? Whisper this address gently into Siri's ear -- 4849 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206 -- and be on your merry way. Or consult this giant map:

Cool. So what time is Tanqueray-and-chronic time? Gates open at noon. The first band, the Effinays, go on at 12:30, around the end of the parade. The rest of the lineup will unfold in order from there, with the music ending around 6. Yeah, it's an all-day thing. Don't forget to hydrate.

Where do I park my stupid car? Not from around here, eh? Well, here's a tip: Don't. Parking is going to be a nightmare, so don't screw up your St. Paddy's Day weekend by fooling around with driving, parking and a potential fender bender -- especially if you'll be drinking. Take the DART to the Lovers Lane or Mockingbird Station stops, and then walk over, or take a taxi.

Nice try, hippie, but I bought four VIP tickets, which means I have a parking pass. Where do I park my car? Oh, sorry. We didn't realize who we were talking to. The VIP garage is on the westside of the parking lot. But it's worth stressing: This is only open to people who have a parking pass already. Don't get cute.

Where do I get my tickets? The entrance, box office and will call are all located directly on the corner of Greenville and University. You can't miss it. Unless you're super high. Try not to be.

I may get, you know, hungry. Will there be food? Bombay Chopstix, Chili's, Rock & Roll Tacos and Tiff's Treats will all be providing food on-site. Food and drinks are not allowed in the concert, so plan ahead.

And what can I wash it down with? There will indeed be booze. Alcohol in stock will be: Budweiser, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, Bud Light Lime, Svedka Vodka, Michael Collins Irish Whiskey and VnC flavored cocktails (with either pomegranate, margarita or pacific breeze flavors). Also: Red Bull, various sodas and of course water.

Anything else I need to know? - No food or drinks allowed inside - No pets - 21-years-old and above allowed entry - No in and out of the concert - Cash only accepted at bars - ATMs will be on-site

My liver can't wait till noon. Where can I pregame? Rusty Taco, on the opposite corner of Energy Square Parking Lot, opens at 7 a.m., which could be very helpful for getting you and your family or friends fed before the rush and before the day's festivities.

If you're looking for a place with good food and good alcohol, Desperados Mexican Restaurant, just a little further down on Greenville, will offer some cocktail or margarita pregaming.

If you're truly in the Irish spirit this St. Patty's Day, head to Trinity Hall, on Mockingbird, just a short walk away, or to the Dubliner Irish Pub on Greenville, near the "M" Streets.

If you wanna go where the crowd will be, head to Milo Butterfingers bar near the corner of Greenville Ave. and SMU Blvd., the bar "where the parade ends and the party begins," according to their website.

As always, you can consult our calendar page or download our app in the iTunes and Google Play stores.

Wow, that's all really helpful. I don't really have anything else, but my friend wanted me to ask, you know, what the, um, security situation will look like. She's very safe, this friend. Please tell your friend that security guards will be searching purses and bags, and may or may not be giving pat-downs, mostly looking for alcohol, weapons and drinks or drink containers.

Thanks for your thoughtful inquiries. We'll see you Saturday, until we don't.

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