The Five Silliest Things Trent Reznor Has Ever Said, in Honor of Nine Inch Nails Reforming

Generation Y's teenage favorites Nine Inch Nails announced their reformation on Monday after four years apart. I say "reformation" and "apart", but really it's just Trent Reznor and whoever plays with him, so that should actually read "Trent reformed with himself after four years of not being Nine Inch Nails". There is to be an extensive tour in 2013 and 2014, although no word on any new material, especially given as Trent's other "band that is mainly Trent", How To Destroy Angels, are about to release a new album. This isn't how you promote a new band, Trent, by instantly going, "Shit, better reform the old band in the lead-up to our debut album." but I was one of the black-clad teens that bought all your records in the first place, so I'm not even mad. In honor of Trent's decision, here are a lovingly curated collection of pretentious quotes from the king of miserable industrial metal.

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Gavin Cleaver
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